Song of Songs Control Screen

Here a some of the features built into Song of Songs.

Features - Song of Songs Control Screen

Simple to use for your service volunteers.

PowerPoint Library Search

Use Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations, you don’t even need to have it installed on the display system

Remote control for Song of Songs

Remote control for use on a phone or tablet for whoever is presenting or leading worship.

Report on Song usage

Build a song library quickly. Query it, know who is using which songs and when they were last used.

Import songs from CCLI SongSelect & build your song library fast

Build and save your service, and collaborate everything with a team, sharing data using Dropbox, Google Drive or any cloud storage provider .

Import your existing song library, from Media Shout, Open LP, using Open Song format, or using your digital version of song of fellowship.

Countdown to the start of your service so everyone knows it’s about to start.

Download and import videos from YouTube.

Off line Bibles versions including KJV, NLT, The Message, NIV, ESV and more.

Show live Tweets during your Service.

Song Library Search

Included songs, PowerPoint, images, videos, bible verses and even twitter searches

Add Bible verses to elements in your service

Choose from over 300+ Bibles in 200+ Languages.

CCLI Song Select reporting

Build Reports of your song usage

Music Player

Music player with built in, with set lists.

Import your Song Library from MediaShout, EasyWorship, OpenLP, Songs of Fellowship and Open Lyrics, with more importers as requested.

Use a Stage Monitor to help the leaders/speakers and musicians know what’s coming up next.

Integrate Song of Songs to OBS Studio to help live steam your service.

Get updates automatically as they are released.

Make changes on the fly

Play over 200 different Video formats.

Service Announcements Messages.

Create Title Graphic slides.

Multilingual Support for 22 Languages.

Quickly find upcoming Services.

Video overlay of Text (with extra hardware).

Easily manage your song Library.

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