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“Song of Songs does everything you need to deliver high quality screens for your worship service week after week”


Simple to use, used in over 3500+ churches. All round the world, of all sizes, to control their media & worship services.

Version 4.8.1 – Released 7th October 2019 – Download Here


Create a Song Library

Quickly Create or import Songs from CCLI, change the order of verses and chorus, set custom backgrounds and fonts.

Import Power Points Presentations

Create Presentations that can be managed by the operators or from the built in remote control.

Simple To Use

Simple to use for operators of all skill levels. Can be up and running in minutes. Making live changes on the fly is easy.

Report your Song usage

Our reports to allow you to track all song usage, see who is playing and which songs are commonly used.

Sync your data to the cloud

Backup your services and all your songs, videos & presentations and share them with others in your church.

Confidence Display

Use a third display output as a stage monitor to help leaders and singers.

Service Announcements

Add both countdown and announcements during the service

Import from other Software

Import from Songs from EasyWorship, MediaShout & OpenLP. Integration in to OBS Studio for live streaming.

Add Bible Verses

Use our offine bibles (KJV, NLT, The Message, NIV, & ESV) or import your own. Create Slides from Bible Gateway (without leaving Song of Songs) with custom backgrounds and fonts.

Build your Service Quickly

Build your service from your libraries of Songs, Bibles, Presentations, Liturgy and Videos, even live Twitter queries. Search your Song Library quickly. Quickly find upcoming services.

Play Any Video

With our integration to VLC Player you can play any video file you can find or Import them from YouTube

Remote Control

Control your service from any web browsers from your phones and tablets.

Liturgy Builder

Build and manage all your liturgy in one place and add it to your service.

Video Background Loops

Add some motion to your song background.

Create Title Graphic slides

Build simple slides from an image to help navigate through the services.

Multilingual Support

We currently support 22 Languages

100% Free Church Presentation Software.

“Song of Songs is straightforward, intuitive and no fuss! As a church leader, our services are the most important occasions in the week. As we gather together my priority is to listen to God to discern what he is saying and what he is doing rather than worrying about the ‘nuts and bolts.’ Using Song of songs means that I spend less time worrying about the technology and more time focusing on God and his people.”

Revd. Andy Gardner, Soul Survivor

Our Mission

Example of Song of Songs on a screen

Since 2013, our vision for our church presentation software is for it to continue to be free, we depend on the support of donations, supporters & partners, which in turn help the churches which can’t afford paying for presentation software.

If you feel Song of Songs has been helpful to you, please check how you can donate here and allow us to continue to provide updates and support.

“We have used Song of Songs since its inception some years ago. After researching the different options available and talking to friends we chose Song of Songs and it has been brilliant. I can create an all age service with video, PowerPoint, Bible verses, songs etc at home and it automatically updates the PC at church saving me hours.  So grateful to be using it and far better than other solutions we have tried.”

Rev Mike Jones, Vicar of Luton, St. Mary’s

Free to download and use

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“We are not a church but a faith-based residential drug and alcohol rehab. I do chapel in several centers. This program is very helpful.”

Dave Rose CEO, Indiana Adult and Teen Challenge. USA

“Oh wow, can’t believe this is free. Keep up the work, this is a real blessing for the church. Thank you.”

Paul Taylor, USA

“The tech guys love using Song of Songs every Sunday, they find is so easy to use.”

David Slaughter

“We have tried so many different programs to display our Sunday worship and this is the most simple to use we have found.”

Ruth Simmons

“Song of Songs is much much much much much much………… better!”

Sara Watson, UK

“I have been very impressed with Song of Songs, it is quick and easy to upload the services from our planners, using Song of Songs organises the service and the elements one after another giving a smooth delivery. I am confident in delivering a service knowing Song of Songs has the service loaded up and in the hands of the operators.”

Sharon Sookrah, Children & Families worker, UK

“The Song of Songs operator didn’t turn up for a service, a non-technically competent person was shown how to use Song of Songs in less than 2 minutes.”

Alan S