Our pricing is unique and one of a kind

Song of Songs is different to other church media software. We don’t charge for it and you get the EVERY feature that we put into it. We do not restrict you in anyway.

Song of Songs is free and will always be free to help churches enhance their worship experience.

The only thing we do is after a month, a banner will appear at the bottom of the software, (control screen only, the display screen is left untouched) reminding you that you have been using Song of Songs, and now might be an idea to donate and join us on mission to continue with the work. If you donate, we will send you a file which will remove the banner, you can use this file to remove the banner on all your computers linked to your church.

The only funding we get is through donations. If you or your church has found Song of Songs helpful and want to support the work we do, please think about donating to the on going work.

We have reached over 3100+ churches in 114 countries in the last year and have an vision to be supporting 10,000 churches in 2020

Donation are taken securely via PayPal. Just click on the Donate button above and donate what you feel your can. We will email you the donation file to the email address that is linked to your PayPal account.*

Ideas for donations

Our suggestions for donations are

  • 1-20 church members – £10 to £25
  • 21-50 church members – £25 to £50
  • 51-75 church members – £50 to £75
  • 75-100 church members – £75 to £100
  • 100-999 church members – £100 to £300
  • 1000+ church members – £300+
  • Band or Worship Leader – any amount, say £10-£50 one off.
  • AV Company – How about a monthly donation, say £10 a month.

Your support will allow Song of Songs to continue to be developed & supported.


The Songs of Songs Team

* We usually email them out with in 24 hours.