Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whenever we get a question, we feel that other people are properly also want to know the answer, so we publish all questions and answers that we have been asked, we won’t publish your name and may reword your question before we post it here.

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General Questions

“How quickly will you get back to me after i email you?”

It depends, we try and get back to you as soon as we can.

We normally work Monday-Friday between 09:00 -17:00 GMT. (UK time)

“I have an idea for a feature, can you do it?”

Maybe, send us your idea and we will see look into it.

“Why have you written Song of Songs?”

We love the Church and want to offer something that can help all churches.

“How many other churches are using Song of Songs?”

In the last year we know of 1200+ churches which have installed and are running Song of Songs, there are properly more, but that is how many we know about.

We can only guess at how many services Song of Song has been used at an we think its over 50,000+ services in the last year.

It is being used in over 101+ different countries.

“Can i partner with you and work with you?”

Maybe, we are open to partner with people who have a similar goals and vision to support the church.

“How to I export a service from one Computer to another both running Song of Songs?”

There are two ways to get the service from one computer to another.
1) export the service from the menu
Service > Export and save the file

then import the file to the new computer which will import the service and all the files associated with the service.

2) the advanced way is to configure both computers to point to a cloud sync provider folder like ‘’ or google drive then you can just let the service sync using the service. This allows multiple people create and manage services and media.

“I have the set up on my laptop and my monitor screen is showing the same, what going on?”

You need to extend your desktop so that it is showing the projector on the extended screen. You need to go to your windows settings and edit your display setting to extend your desktop.

Once you have do that  you can set where the display screen in the Song of Songs Options

You can set the screen by going to Settings > Options – then pressing Refresh and selecting the second screen from the drop down.
If you can’t see the control screen you can press Alt-Tab and select the control screen.

“How do i enable the Remote Control in Song of Songs?”

By default the remote isn’t enabled, so follow the quick walk through below.

If you go to Settings > Options
Then select the Tab ‘Remote Control’
Enable the Remote control by selecting the check box and press ‘OK’
Song of Songs will then ask to be restarted.
Once restarted, load your Song of Songs with your service

Make sure that Song of Songs is running and then open up a web browsers and goto (by default)
If you can see the remote control then everything is configured correctly.

You will need to know the IP address of your computer that is hosting Song of Songs if you want to connect an Tablet or Phone which can be found by

Going to Service Controls > ‘Rermote Control Keyboard Shortcuts’ and note down the IP which you can connect too.

Just type the IP address then :8080 or what ever port number you have configured in the settings.

Note:  You will need to make sure that your tablet is on the same WiFi network as the Song of Songs computer.

“Do we need to pay the licence fee for using “Song Select” before we can use it in Song of Songs”

Yes & No – While you don’t need to have a Song Select Licence to use Song of Songs you do need to have a licence to use the Song Select import tool to help import songs quickly.

You might, depending on your use, need to have a CCLI / Song Select for your church if your country law requires you to record and report on which songs you have used throughout the year.

“How do I import a videos into the Service Editor/Playlist?”

You have to add the video to your video library, by default is found at “C:\SongOfSongs\data\VideoLibrary\”

Your video will now appear in the video tab in the add element window and you can add it to the service playlist.

“Can i Import my Songs from EasyWorship 2007/2009?”

Song of Songs will import from Easy Worship 6 or 7, but not the 2007/2009 versions as they changed how they store the files between versions.

The easiest way to export to Song of Songs is to update to the latest version of EasyWorship by using the trial version then importing the songs into Song of Songs by going to

Tools > Import Songs > EasyWorship

and selecting your EasyWorship data folder.

It will then import all your songs in to Song of Songs.

“Can i import a Video from YouTube?”

Yes – If you want to import a video from YouTube you can use the “YouTube Import tool’ and copy and paste the URL from the video you want to import into the tool and it will download and import it to your video library in a folder called ‘YouTube’

“What operating systems does Song of Songs support?”

Windows 7, 8 or 10

“Is it possible to get a particular translation of the Bible?”

We have kindly been given permission to ship with 3 versions

  • King James Versions
  • The Message
  • New Living Translation

We are awaiting on permission from the publishers of 8 more bible versions, so we can offer more offline versions.

We currently use BibleGateway & for our on-line bibles, this gives you 270+ Languages and over 300 Versions of the bible, including

  • American Standard Bible
  • Contemporary English Version
  • Good News Translation

From version 4.1 (End of May 2018) you can also use BibleGateway to import bible slides in to Song of Songs, with over 300 Languages and 400+ versions. Including

  • English Standard Version (ESV)
  • Living Bible (TLB)
  • New International Version (NIV)

For a full list check out.

If there are any publishers who want to have their version available in Song of Songs please get in contact with us.


We have looking at seeing how to convert ZEFANIA bibles to the Song of Songs and the formats are very close and actually quite easy to convert between.

All you have to do is the following 9 ‘Find and Replace’ on the ZEFANIA XML files in this order.

‘<XMLBIBLE’ —-> ‘<bible’
“<BIBLEBOOK’ —-> ‘<book’
‘<CHAPTER cnumber=’ —-> ‘<chapter name=’
‘<VERS vnumber=’ —-> ‘<verse name=’
‘bname=’ —-> ‘name=’
‘</VERS>’ —-> ‘</verse>’
‘</CHAPTER>’ —-> ‘</chapter>’
‘</BIBLEBOOK>’ —-> ‘</book>’
‘</XMLBIBLE>’ —-> ‘</bible>’

This should then allow you to use your Bible version. We batch converted over 250+ ZEFANIA bibles and it looks like it works great.

“Where do I find the data folder?”

By default the data folder for Song of Songs is “c:\songofsongs\data\”

All files that are used for services and media can be found here.

You can change the folder location in the settings by going to Settings > Options > Advanced Settings and change the location to a new place

You can back up all your data by just making a copy of your data folder.

“Is there a way to display entire Bible readings rather than just one verse at a time?”

No, not at the moment.

“I’m having problems and Song of Songs isn’t working, help!!!!!!”

Sorry to hear this, but all software from time to time has problems, but we will try and help. Your best bet is to send us as much information as possible, with screen shots. tell us what you were doing when Song of Songs encounter a problem and your Song of Songs Log files which can be found in “c:\temp\” We can then have a look and hopefully advise you of whats going on a give you a fix to get you back up and running.

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