Why we built Song of Songs

Song of Songs started its life over 15 years ago when a group of youth started to put together a youth event and at the time there was no church presentation applications, so we wrote our own.

Over the years, the idea of having our own system went away as other company’s wrote their own, but we found that using them was more work than we wanted.

In 2015, after a really bad Christmas service where the application we were using got so bad, (it took over 15-20 hours to build the service), it was decided to re look into writing our own. Now it only takes 10-20 minutes to build a complete service after getting all the images & presentations together.

We took the idea that building a service using Drop Box to store all the information would help it to be a collaborative effect, allowing multiple people from remote locations to work on the service and then having the display system based at the church ready to display service on Sunday.

If you want to see Song of Songs in action please come to St Mary’s Church in Luton and have a look. We will be happy to answer any questions, or email it@stmarysluton.org.