Bibles & Liturgy Background Problem. 31/05/2018

If you  have downloaded Song of Songs in the last week or so, you may have noticed that you can’t change the Bible or Liturgy backgrounds. This was due to a server problem that we have recently solved. To fix it you just need to load Song of Songs, and from the menu go ‘Tools’ > ‘Resource Manager’ and press download ‘Default Images’. This will resolve any issues. Anyone who downloads Song of Songs from now this issue is resolved. We are sorry about this, it was an oversight when we were upgrading our web server. This was reported to us and was investigated and resolved in 25 minutes. We try and be as transparent and as helpful as possible when issue like this arises. We believe this to only effect 30-40 users. If you have any other problems, the best way to let us know is to raise it on our support forum Again we are sorry for the inconvenience. Regards – The Song of Songs Team.

Song Select / CCLI .net wrapper

  We are always trying to be helpful and share what we have learnt during our development of Song of Songs. We have decided to open up some of our code and allow other developers to have access to our SongSelect / CCLI wrapper code which is written in vb / c# .net and can be used by just referencing the DLL. No access to the SongSelect API is required. If you would like to get a free copy of our example application you can download it from here. You will need to use your own CCLI / SongSelect account to log in and use it. If you want to use it for your own project or want to download the latest source code, we are offering it for only £10, which is a bit of a bargain for all the work that has gone into it. Please get in contact at All proceeds will go back in to the development of Song of Songs. The Song of Songs Team